In a 7.1 Hollywood Reporter piece about the hundreds of newly invited members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Art & Sciences, Scott Feinberg says the following about the two main Roma women, Marina de Tavira and Yalitza Aparicio:

“Most would agree that it makes sense to invite people who did excellent enough work to garner Oscar nominations or wins during the most recent awards season. This year, such courtesy was extended to Roma supporting actress nominee Marina de Tavira but not, a bit oddly, to lead actress nominee Yalitza Aparicio, who was eligible for an invite, despite this being her first film role, because of her nom.”

HE to Feinberg: “I’m sure that you and I suspect the same thing. The Academy regards Marina as a serious working actress (screen and stage roles), but they suspect that Yalitza’s performance in Roma was probably a one-off. She was chosen by Alfonso Cuaron because she looked right (those earnest eyes, that aura of innocence and simplicity) and could behave in the right way, which is to say plainly and minimally in the absence of honed acting skills.

“The odds of Yalitza starring or even costarring in another film are…well, who knows? I think it’s fair to say at this stage that she’s more of a ‘type’ than a performer. Her Wikipage reports that she’s “currently enrolled in EF international school in New York City to learn English.”