Today’s West of Memphis press conference started 20 minutes late…grrrr. The participants were director Amy Berg, producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, the formerly incarcerated Damien Echols and Jason Baldiwn, Echols’ partner Lorri Davis, and lawyers Stephen Braga, Dennis Riordan and Don Horgan. MCN’s David Poland moderated.

The above clip is of Jackson and Echols offering final thoughts about the case, and what value the movie has to everyone right now. The final statement is a request for anyone with additional hard evidence to please call the West Memphis 3 tip line.

Here’s a clip of Echols talking about what he wants to do with his future. In a word, art. He’s got a book coming out in September and will display some art at a forthcoming MOMA show. In a =phrase, living now and not looking back too much.