You can’t allow your site to not only vanish but re-direct readers to the IMDB, and then refuse to answer press queries, and then return a day and a half later and act like nothing’s happened. That’s chickenshit — not how a person of character would handle this kind of thing. If your site disappears for a couple of days you simply put out a statement and explain what happened…no biggie. The manly, responsible, considerate thing to do. It would appear that Ray Subers, webmaster of Box-Office Mojo, is not a man in this respect. All during the two-day disappearance of Box-Office Mojo he was hiding in the brush. Then all of a sudden BOM returns and Suber tweets (a) “I think it’s about time to resume normal programming here” and (b) “Actually, two things…(1) I am 100% OK….no health/family/personal issues whatsoever, and (2) I will not be answering any [questions] regarding the past 3 days.” Whatever you say, Betty Sue. A 10.12 L.A. Times story says that “neither IMDb nor Amazon responded to questions about [the disappearance of] Box Office Mojo.” Question: In what film was the headline spoken, and what actor said it?