It’s been six or seven weeks since plantar fasciitis (i.e., acute right heel pain) became a daily factor in my life. I’ve applied every remedy I can think of short of seeing a podiatrist and getting acupuncture (Dr. Scholl’s, tennis ball/rolling pin, walking with a cane) and over the last week or two the pain has ebbed somewhat, and last weekend I was actually walking around without limping. I’m starting to consider the possibility that this thing might go away altogether by December or early ’17. All I know is that it’s been awful. Every day I gaze at people who can walk and run around without issue and think to myself, “You guys are lucky…I so envy you.”

One of the things I hate about this problem is the expression of friendly colleagues and acquaintances as they offer sympathy and support. They look at you and say “sorry, man…hope it gets better and you’ll soon be back to normal” but what they’re really thinking deep down is “wow, I’m glad I’m not you.” I remember thinking the same thing about Village Voice columnist Arthur Bell (1939 – 1984) when he started walking around with a cane in ’82 or thereabouts, i.e., “He’s on the way down.” I will rebound like Fred Astaire if for no other reason than to wipe those looks of mixed compassion off their faces.