Conversation between HE and World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy, about an hour ago:

HE: A connected friend just assured me “there will definitely be an Oscar season…don’t worry about that.”
Ruimy: Okay, but Oscar eligibility rules will have to change.
HE: Allowing streaming-only features to compete, you mean?
Ruimy: And they’re going to have to have the year to end in late January or even mid February, just this one time. Because there are so many titles waiting to open. And then have the Oscars in March sometime.
HE: Plus Anne Thompson’s idea of the Oscar telecast being a kind of patriotic industry event…we can get moving again when the vaccine finally hits!…the ultimate Night of a Thousand Stars event…that makes sense.
Ruimy: Yeah, I liked Anne’s idea, but we should still give out awards for the usual categories. If we’re still in lockdown by fall then at least make it fun for movie fans and allow streaming movies to be eligible.
HE: No lockdowns after August…please!
Ruimy: Yeah, but we don’t even know how next week will look in the country. Movie theatres may still be closed by fall, don’t you think?
HE: We’re already looking at theatres closed through most of the summer. Three and a half, four months. Now you’re talking five, six months? C’mon!
Ruimy: Movie theatre are confined spaces. If someone who has COVID coughs then the people around him/her are virus toast.
HE: I just want those Open Up zombies to start experiencing their own medicine, if you catch my drift.
Ruimy: These teabag protests are going to be growing more and more every week. It’s going to become its own kind of pandemic. Especially with Trump fanning the flames. It’ll leak through all 50 states.
HE: Blue state liberals are going to defy the lockdown?
Ruimy: Bumblefucks will rise up everywhere. Fox News and other conservative media are now full-on promoting a lift to the lockdown to help prevent the destruction of Trump’s booming economy. People who have lost their jobs, businesses and those who were surviving from paycheck to paycheck will all be part of these protests. It doesn’t mean that what they’re doing is right but they’re really desperate right now. A Great Depression is coming if this continues for even another month.