Clint Eastwood is without a doubt the fittest and most active octogenarian on New York’s Park Avenue as he climbs spryly out of his black SUV and strides into the Regency Hotel, acknowledging the greetings of the staff with a friendly wave. ‘He can’t be 80,’ someone whispers in amazement. ‘No way.'” — from a 1.14 Telegraph profile by John Hiscock.

There’s like…uhm, a reason for that? For Clint looking as good as he does, I mean. It’s called working out every day for two hours. That, I’ve been told, was his regimen during the making of Invictus in South Africa. (Okay, maybe the source slightly exaggerated.) At 80, serious daily workouts don’t just make you look good — they fight the natural diminishings that happen in old age. When I visited Montana with my dad about 15 years ago we happened to speak to a couple in their mid 70s who were bike-riding and back-packing from state to state, and they had the vigor and muscle tone of 47 year-olds. So that’s the ticket if you don’t want to end up like most octogenarians. Kill yourself every day at the club.