…and except for the music industry, the entire culture has been put on alert and has adapted to the new militant mindset, which is basically (1) don’t fuck with women, (2) women will boil your ass if you step out of line, and (3) women are gaining considerable power so watch out.

One of the offshoots, however, is that younger males are feeling diminished, partly or largely due to their own lethargy over being elbowed aside and largely degraded if not tossed on the slag heap.

Every time I see or read about an attractive, accomplished, dynamic-looking woman in her 20s, 30s or 40s, I automatically presume she’s (a) on iffy or shaky ground with her significant straight-male other and/or (b) not all that interested in relationships with young straight guys…I presume that she’s fairly tough, resourceful and independent, which often means single mom or possibly bi or gay or divorced or at the very least self-supporting, and also at the very least skeptical of relationships with younger to thirtysomething guys, partly because younger guys aren’t doing as well and are certainly less stable.

Leaving aside the triumphant feminist strides in all the major social arenas (which everyone applauds), this is a major psychological offshoot of the #MeToo revolution — i.e., a consensus view that younger guys are generally immature assholes or worse, and therefore need to be diminished if not marginalized because they’re probably more trouble than they’re worth.

Which they may well be. I’m not a young guy and don’t hang out with them as a rule — a know a few young guys but the only ones I know well are my two sons

Remember that 1972 John Lennon song, “Woman is The [N-word] of the World“? Different world, man…52 years ago. Start by replacing “woman” with “young straight white dudes”.