In a recent Facebook thread author and former Variety critic Joseph McBride confessed to feeling ashamed about being an extra in Michael Winner‘s Death Wish II (’82).

McBride: “I was an extra in Death Wish II. I have a copy [of the film] but have never been able to watch it.”

McBride offers a little background: “Christa Fuller and I were walking across a street as Charles Bronson ran to catch a bus. Christa asked me to walk between her and the camera. I asked why, and she said, ‘Because I don’t want my friends at Cahiers du Cinéma to see that I am in a Michael Winner film.'”


McBride: “We were on that location only because we wandered down Olympic Blvd. during a break from Sam shooting White Dog. Christa wanted to see her friend Tony Wade, who was on Winner’s crew. Winner was screaming at his cameraman (his third, after firing two earlier), and the crew [people] were openly laughing at the director, sometime I had never seen before and have never seen since then. As an extra I was paid five dollars, the least money I received for appearing in a film. Even Roger Corman paid his extras $15 a day.”

HE to readership: What films or TV shows are you currently ashamed of having worked on, if any?