Two or three hours ago Michelle Johnson, who peaked 33 years ago with her bodacious tata performance in Stanley Donen‘s Blame It On Rio, lamented on Facebook that she’s been unfriended for being an apparent Trump supporter. As well she should be, in my humble view.

“Let me be clear [that] I have one support in my heart, and that is [for] God!,” Johnson explained. “Now if you are against God then okay, you will not know my heart, but I will still love you…for someone to actually say to me ‘we can’t be friends because you support Trump’ is ludicrous to me! We live on the same planet. Let’s find a way to make this work with love in our hearts…I say that without mush…xoxoxo.”

In other words, as Johnson didn’t refute suspicions that she’s a Trump girl, she’s become a kind of political Satan-worshipper, or at the very least an apparent devotee of the closest thing we’ve ever had in American political life to an Antichrist figure — fuming toddler, orange tyrant, destroyer of worlds.

Wells reply to Johnson: “Christian beliefs = likely rightwing ideology = probable Trump supporter. That’s the usual nine-times-out-of-ten equation. I despise rightwing Christians to begin with, and so would Yeshua of Nazareth if he were to return. Donald Trump is the closest thing we’ve had to an Antichrist and you, a woman who touched my heart and, yes, stirred my loins in Blame It On Rio, have evolved into an arch-conservative Bible thumper and Trump wink-winker? Seriously?”

Johnson replied with two statements: (a) “I agree” and (b) “I am…. we can ALL say that!” To which I responded, “You agree about what? ‘We can all say that’….meaning what?” Johnson didn’t reply. A voice is telling me this is probably mostly due to an insufficient brain cell count.