I have only three concerns about George Gallo‘s Middle Men (Paramount, 8.6), which is selling itself as a kind of Goodfellas of the internet. One, it wrapped shooting in late ’08 — what’s been the holdup? Two, it closed the 2010 Santa Barbara Film Festival, which I attended, and I didn’t hear zip about it from anyone. And three, Luke Wilson really needs to work out and get himself back into Family Stone shape.

These are my concerns, but there’s also the issue of Gallo himself — a member in good standing of Hollywood’s eccentric authentic goombah cool cat-from-back-east club. He had a good run from ’86 through ’95 when he wrote scripts for TV’s Wiseguys and Matin Brest’s Midnight Run and Bad Boys, not to mention his direction of 29th Street (’91), a reasonably decent New York drama. But not much has happened over the last 15 years, and I just don’t trust him at this stage — sorry.

Here’s a red-band trailer: