Walter SallesLinha de Passe “is very subdued and intimate,” says a buyer who caught it this morning. (Unlke myself.) “Closer to Central Station then Motorcycle Diaries, it’s the tale of four brothers and their pregnant single-mother in the poor neighborhoods of Sao Paulo, with each family member dealing with some sort of problem throughout the film.
“It lacks a bit of direction and focus here and there. My favorite brother has to be the soccer prodigy who desperately tries to make it into a semi-professional team. There’s also an interesting cynical look between the evangelical faith — one of the brothers in a born-againer — and how this is losing its hold amid the surrounding madness that is overtaking the world.
“My bet is someone like IFC, Roadside Attractions or even Sony Pictures Classics could give it a small stateside release. Now, let’s hope Walter decides to finally make On The Road.”