When Tom Hanks was infected with Covid last March or thereabouts, nobody knew what that meant but the story seemed to convey a faint tinge of “uh-oh.” But not if you thought about it.

Despite their age I knew Tom and wife Rita Wilson would almost certainly pull through due to (a) being rich and in a presumed state of very good to excellent health, (b) not being obese or plagued with a vitamin D shortage, (c) not being smokers or afflicted with any kind of chronic respiratory ailment.

The assumption, in short, is that outside of curious head-scratcher fatalities Covid mostly kills your older, fatter, sicklier and/or more genetically vulnerable types (tough luck of the draw) but not wealthy movie stars and their families.

So when the news popped yesterday about Robert “Rbatz” Pattinson getting infected after three days of shooting The Batman, my reaction was “okay, tough break but whatever.” Basically just another pandemic pothole or time-out. He’ll be fine and Matt Reeves’ film will eventually wrap. I’m nodding out as I write this.