Episode #3 of “The Misfits” features Jeffrey Wells, Glenn Kenny (“The World Is Yours: The Story of Scarface“), Jeff Sneider (i.e., Hollywood’s most fearless journalist”) & “Talking Movies” co-host Bill McCuddy (recorded on Monday, 3.11, at 1 pm).

Profuse apologies for being too much of a klutz to have correctly posted the pod early last evening.

I’m not a total idiot with this stuff — I did manage to organize and record the Zoom video and then down-convert via Handbrake (with help from Glenn Kenny) and then incorrectly post it on Substack. So I’m getting there. But I’ll never be a whiz kid at this stuff.

Enormous thanks to the great Sasha Stone for helping me correct my errors.

During the pod I mentioned the likelihood that John Cena wore a “sock” during his nude moment at the Oscars.  Nobody bit (one or two of my colleagues vaguely shuddered) so the subject fell by the wayside.  But The Hollywood Reporter‘s Beatrice Verhoeven has done the reporting.  

Just like my having also mentioned the advisability of Lily Gladstone returning to the way she looked three years ago while filming Killers of the Flower Moon. (She looks different today.) Lily will never be Emma Stone, but elemental logic tells us she’d be more suitable for a wider range of parts if she could adopt a somewhat leaner profile. But no — only a “bad” person (and I mean someone deserving of condemnation if not a Julius Caesar-like stabbing) would bring this up in casual conversation.

Does anyone think Amy Schumer could have played the lead in Trainwreck at her current proportions?  

Directors, casting agents and casting directors don’t tiptoe around this topic (or dodge it) when they talk turkey with each other.  Tom Hanks didn’t dodge it when he mentioned a few years back that some actors have diminished their careers by bulking up.  Everyone understands that Brendan Fraser lost his star luminosity when he became the “new” version of himself.  Just saying.

Again, the link.