“The lights dim in the screening room. Suddenly, the doomed Titanic fills the screen — but not the way I remember in the movie. The luxury liner is nearly vertical, starting its slide into the black Atlantic, and Leonardo DiCaprio is hanging on for life, just like always. But this time, I am too. The camera pans to the icy water far below, pulling me into the scene–the sensation reminds me of jerking awake from a dream–and I grip the sides of my seat to keep from falling into the drink.

“Most of us have seen the top-grossing film of all time. But not like this. The new version, still in production, was remade in digital 3-D, a technology that’s finally bringing a true third dimension to movies. Without giving you a headache.

“Had digital 3-D been available a dozen or so years ago when he shot Titanic, he’d have used it, director James Cameron tells me later. ” ‘But I didn’t have it at the time,’ he says ruefully. ‘Certainly every film I’m planning to do will be in 3-D.'” — from Josh Quittner‘s 3.19 Time piece about glimpsing footage from James Cameron‘s Avatar. Four days ago!