“Bad behavior online is so common that it has generated its own typology of abuse. ‘Flaming’ is to engage in a deeply personal and angry war of words across an online discussion. ‘Griefing’ is repeatedly to torment someone, mostly through abuse in an online forum. A ‘troll’ is someone who intentionally disrupts online communities, most often under a pseudonym, and the activity of ‘trolling’ is so widespread that the online Urban Dictionary lists dozens of rival definitions — ‘being a prick on the internet because you can is the most succinct.” — from a 5.23 Financial Times piece by John Sunyer. I’ve been flamed a few times and even griefed once or twice, and Lord knows HE has seen its share of pricks and trolls. But things haven’t been too bad around here lately, which is nice. Truly malignant commenters have been relatively few and far between. I’ll zotz someone every so often but that’s par for the course.