The combination of Lou Lumenick‘s N.Y. Post review of Titanic 3D and Mekado Murphy‘s N.Y. Times dissection of the enhancement of James Cameron‘s 1997 film has me looking forward to the finest 3D conversion of my moviegoing life …maybe. And if it doesn’t live up to this, watch out.

I’ll be seeing Titanic 3D twice within the next 27 hours — at 6:30 pm tonight at a Burbank AMC plex via the not-highly-respected RealD and accompanying Sony 3D projection system, and at 11 tomorrow morning at the UltraLuxe Anaheim 14 in Anaheim, where I’ll see a Panavision 3D version.

Will someone tell me why Paramount has decided to have its all-media screening at a plex run by the notorious AMC chain (which is referred to in certain high-end projection circles as “All Movies Compromised”)? Will it be shown in the same theatre that MCN’s David Poland caught Titanic 3D in on 2.14? I’m asking because what Poland saw resulted in the following reaction: “I found myself wanting to take the glasses off repeatedly [because] it’s like watching the movie through a filter. Call it darkness, call it clarity, call it what you like…the movie takes such painstaking efforts to get every detail right…I want to see the imperfections…and with those glasses on, I could not.”

Paramount showed the Titanic 3D preview footage at its big swanky theatre on the lot last fall. Why are they subjecting media invitees to a long arduous shlep out to Burbank, and during rush hour yet? Just so they can pack the screening with Titanic fans? This tells me Paramount doesn’t truly respect the full technical potential of Titanic 3D. It tells me they just want the money.