It’s looking more likely that the one-page Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows summary and final-chapter spoiler site that I linked to but didn’t discuss yesterday is legit, except (I won’t mention any particulars) for statements about a certain character biting the dust.

Some other guy (or maybe it’s the same dude from yesterday) has posted almost the entire book online. The links went dead about an hour ago — the Potter lawyers are clearly hard at work. Someone also posted an assortment of big-plot-turn links — this one is still active. The only chapter missing in today’s posting is the epilogue, which seemed to be revealed in yesterday’s posting.
In a N.Y. Times story by Mokoto Rich about the online spolings (i.e., titled “New Potter Book May Have Made Its Way to Web” and posted at 2:38 pm this afternoon), it says that “Kyle Good, a spokeswoman for Scholastic, the book’s United States publisher, said that she was aware of at least three different versions of the file ‘that look very convincing’ with what she described as ‘conflicting content.'”
As HE reader James Hammell summarizes, “This is either a fantastic disinform- ation campaign from the publisher, an excellent and unprecedented hoax, or totally legit.” Not that photographing and posting pages from a not-yet-released book is “legit” — he means a genuine theft from the true-blue Hallows.