Two more sets of advance Toronto Film Festival Canadian-journo press screenings have been cancelled by Alliance Atlantis, the distributor that cancelled advance screenings last week of Todd HaynesI’m Not There. Screenings of Ang Lee‘s highly anticipated Lust, Caution have been deep-sixed along with early-bird showings of Kevin Macdonald‘s My Enemy’s Enemy. The excuse, as before, is “print availability.” There’s a chance that Lust, Caution showings might be rescheduled for Wednesday, 9.5, but this sounds “awfully iffy” to one local guy.

“This is the [highest] number of high-profile cancellations I can recall for the pre-TIFF screenings,” he comments. “Are studio trying to dodge the bloggers, fearful of critical reaction, or trying to maximize the impact of reactions to these films out of Telluride and Venice?”

One good thing has come out of this — I had forgotten to put McDonald’s film on my list of must-sees, and now that oversight has been corrected.