“I saw Zodiac over the weekend and couldn’t agree more. Really liked it, I mean. Of course I’m a big Fincher fan, but I’m also now a Mark Ruffalo fan. Out of curiosity I checked his IMDB page and I didn’t see anything noteworthy other than a couple of ‘also starring’ roles in Collateral, Spotless Mind and All the King’s Men. Have I missed the boat on this guy completely? Because the other stuff is all chickflick crap.

“Also, do you know if there is a PDF of the Vanderbilt script with the 12-page closing dialogue [delivered by Jake Gyllenhaal’s character]? In your review you said the film doesn’t have a conventional ‘catch the killer finale’ but the moment where Allen and Graysmith meet eye-to-eye in the hardware store is a genius ending, because it lets you read into it what the two people are thinking and draw your own conclusion without the complete reveal.

“I think the lack of the complete reveal is the best part of the whole thing. Sorry if I’m incoherent; I’m just trying to think of the last time when I had three movies out that I feel I would be talking about for years to come.” — a loyal reader and harbinger of hip under-40 guy sentiment who works at Morgan Stanley back east.