Scrounging around for tickets at last night’s What Just Happened? screening at the Eccles felt vaguely humiliating. No, it was vaguely humiliating. The film, a mildly perverse inside-Hollywood drama directed by Barry Levinson and starring Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, Michael Wincott, Robin Wright Penn and Catherine Keener, didn’t feel like a big audience score from where I was sitting. It’s an in and out thing — sometimes amusing, sometimes okay, nothing really “knockout.”
I’ll get into it later today. I have to leave for a 9:30 Eccles screening of The Wackness. More feeling like a beggar in Calcutta….can;t wait! “Tickets? Tickets for a columnist?” I would have gone to the Sleep Dealer screening this morning but the humiliation experience at the Racquet Club tends to be even more mortifying than what one tends to go through at the Eccles. Between last night’s Eccles scrounge-around and getting the boot at the Library yesterday afternoon, yesterday was bad. I hate this festival sometimes. Not often, but now and then.