Movie City News columnist Kristopher Tapley has included two whoppers in his just-posted article about the dearth of suitable Best Actress contenders. Fantasy #1: Apart from Mrs. Henderson Presents star Judi Dench and Walk The Line‘s Reese Witherspoon, the only other person Tapley would “put money on is Ziyi Zhang in Memoirs of a Geisha.” The 26 year-old Chinese actress, he says, “really comes into her own opposite Gong Li and Michelle Yeoh in one of the only satisfying films of the awards season thus far.” The other concerns Keira Knightley. Tapley says buzz is building for this pretty but talentless attitude actress due to “stellar reviews flooding in for the Jane Austen adaptation, Pride & Prejudice….[and] she’s got October release Domino keeping her on radar this year as well.” It feels good to pat people on the back and all, but these claims are pure needle-in-the-arm, Tom O’Neill- level fantasies.