Every so often a film is re-named by critics and moviegoers in a way that sticks because the smart-ass title seems like a better, more dead-on thing to call it. Whenever I think back to The Legend of Bagger Vance (which is not often), I always laugh at the title that (according to a friend) some wag at Entertainment Weekly had given it — Bag of Gas. In the same tradition an HE reader recently renamed Robert Benton‘s Feast of Love (MGM, 9.28), which I haven’t seen but is said to contain ample nudity, as Feast of Tits. A lame and sophomoric shorthand, yes, but funny if you’ve had a couple of beers. I suspect it’s already making its way into the lexicon.

Surely there have been other good retitlings over the years. I’m leaving it up to the readership to name them. I’m talking about ones that have actually gotten around and settled in. No cheap-ass, on-the-spot retitlings that someone might think up just to put a movie down.