It’s a good thing that MPRM, a very savvy Hollywood p.r. company co-run by Mark Pogachefsky and Rachel McAllister (and also steered by Michael Lawson and I forget who else…MPRM staffers are always getting stolen by “the dependents”) is growing its digital media and technology division, i.e., DMT.
Things change. I remember sitting in MPRM’s offices about five or six years ago and looking at piles of clippings they had assembled to show some heavyweight Hollywood client, and every last one was from a print publicationnot one print-out from an entertainment website.
I haven’t smoked DMT (i.e., dimethyltryptamine) since I was in my late teens. I remember trying it with two friends at the home of some macho blowhard guy I didn’t know — a guy who was boasting that he’d seduced a girl he’d just met after only two dates. The guy called the chunks of DMT we were about to smoke “little ratshit.” And then he toked up. In less than a minute he was starting to freak. He started rubbing the couch he was sitting on and going “uh-ohhh” and making odd little acck noises.