“Dear Mr. Clarke: It’s a very interesting coincidence that [a] mutual friend mentioned you in a conversation we were having about a Questar telescope. I’ve been a great admirer of your books for quite a time, and have always wanted to discuss with you the possibility of doing the proverbial ‘really good’ science-fiction movie.

“My main interest lies along these broad areas, naturally assuming great plot and character: 1. The reasons for believing in the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. 2. The impact (and perhaps even lack of impact in some quarters) such a discovery would have on Earth in the near future. (3. A space with a landing and exploration of the Moon and Mars.
“Would you consider coming to New York for a meeting? The purpose of which would be to determine whether an idea might exist or arise which would sufficiently interest both of us enough to want to collaborate on a screenplay?” — Stanley Kubrick in a letter to Arthur C. Clarke, dated 3.31.64. Excerpted in “The Stanley Kubrick Archives” (Taschen).