The teaser tells you that David Fincher‘s The Social Network (Sony/Columbia, 10.1) has some kind of grave element going on. It says it’s not just another “this is what happened back at Harvard” whatever-dude story of ambition and greed and fucking your friends. The dialogue clips and theme titles say this initially, but the main ingredient is that ominous musical score.

It sounds like a London Symphony Orchestra arrangement that may have taken an inspiration from Bernard Herrmann‘s “Gort” music from The Day The Earth Stood Still (but without the theramin).

Trailers will sometimes use out-sourced temp music so there’s no assurance that this kind of music will be heard on the Social Network soundtrack. I checked to see who the film’s composer is and found no one.

Producer Scott Rudin informs that the teaser was created by the “very, very talented” Mark Woolen (head of the Santa Monica-based ad agency Mark Woolen Associates) “with a great deal of collaboration with Fincher.”

Incidentally: I was going to put this trailer up last night around 8 or 9 pm New York time, but I noticed right away that YouTube had removed the file due to copyright complaints, presumably from Sony attorneys. And then it re-appeared this morning. Why would anyone behind The Social Network not want this teaser to not be seen? Mystifying.