I know when to leave well enough alone so I’m not posting this diseased music video out of an inability to restrain myself — Bilge Ebiri did and I’m merely linking to it. Nonetheless, I trust this won’t inhibit anyone from writing belittling responses in the direction of HE. And by all means, ignore what this video portends.

As Ebiri puts it, “The man is on his way to winning an Oscar and he’s got the Number 1 movie in America [i.e., Norbit]. So now’s as good a time as any to resurrect Eddie Murphy‘s bizarre Michael Jackson collaboration ‘Whatzupwitu.’ No, those aren’t shrooms you just ate. The video really is that weird.”

I realize there are haters out there, and I think we all need to hold hands and shut them out of our consciousness. It’s my earnest belief that any person who hangs, consorts and cross-promotes with Jackostein deserves the full respect and support of his entertainment-industry peers.