Solid, straight words about that Heath Ledger drug video from Village Voice columnist Michael Musto: “So a bunch of celebs came to dead Heath Ledger’s rescue at the behest of a publicist and partly as a result of the pressure, Entertainment Tonight dropped the video they had bought of the actor at an ’06 drug party. And once again, the PR industry succeeds in keeping the truth from the public.

“Flacks were suddenly outraged over the ‘bad taste’ involved in running such a video, but THEY’RE the class acts who accept large sums of money to obscure celebrity realities on a daily basis. Talk about bad taste!
“I’m not saying this was going to be a Pulitzer winning tape or even provide any concrete answers about Heath’s sad demise, but it certainly promised to be newsworthy and less coy than the OFFICIAL reactions anyone’s gotten about what happened. Let’s not forget the maid who spoke to an Olsen twin way before calling 911 or the various people stepping forward to downplay any potential self destruction involved, as if a 28-year-old could have suddenly dropped from natural causes. Strangely, they’re the same people lionizing Heath for having hated any form of b.s.! This tape couldn’t have truly hurt anyone. The truth — even in sensationalized form — can only heal.”