Even with Bernie Sanders‘ recent surge in New York and nationally, Hillary Clinton will almost certainly win tonight’s New York State primary because of three and possibly four reasons: (1) Independent voters can’t vote — only registered Democrats and Republicans; (2) Same-day registration voting (which is entirely within reach today) is unavailable in New York State, and other blocking tactics are expected; (3) younger voters may not show up in sufficient numbers to make a difference in Bernie’s tally and (4) Low-information African-American voters are certain to vote for Hillary, as they have elsewhere. So that’s it — it’s basically a rigged election, the New York State Democratic machine is largely behind Hillary, the fix is in and so on.


“Independent voters are shut out and everyone else was forced to pick which primary they wanted to vote in six months ago. The political rules keep the voters powerless.” — ” John Opdycke, president of Open Primaries, speaking to the N.Y. Daily News reporter Erin Durkin in a 4.14 article.