Or someone less agenda-driven?

I’m presuming that this recently posted N.Y. Times want ad for a full-time senior film critic slot (i.e., an invitation for qualified persons to apply) is essentially bullshit. They have a pretty good idea who they’re going to hire, I’m guessing, and it won’t be some sensible centrist type with amiable popcorn tastes. They almost certainly want a woke Maoist. The ad is about Times management needing to demonstrate that they’re an equal opportunity employer.

I wonder if this means that Wesley Morris has passed on the job?

Update: I’m told that the ad isn’t entirely bullshit as the Times hasn’t yet hired a replacement.

Two and a half months ago (2.21.23) I posted a piece about who might replace outgoing N.Y. Times film critic A.O. Scott. It was called “Times Needs To Replace Scott With A Brilliant Moderate Who Eschews Woke Maoism.”