Two or three days ago I was on my bike and approaching an intersection without a stop sign or stoplight. There was a guy in an SUV on my left, easing out and looking to cross the intersection as I was approaching it. I was looking to drive straight through so who would go first? You know how these things work — you slow down, improvise, try and gauge what the other guy is going to do. The SUV guy was assessing me just like I was assessing him. I was cool with him crossing first but he kept sitting there, waiting for me to make a move so fuck it, I gunned it. But when I was ten feet away from the intersection, or almost right in front of him, the SUV guy suddenly tapped the gas and came right for me, forcing me to swerve to the right to avoid being hit. It wasn’t a heart-attack thing but a major dick move on his part. Again, it’s not like I was being pushy and saying to him “get out of my way, here I come.” I didn’t make a move until I was sure he’d decided to let me go first, and then he changed his mind and forced me to swerve to avoid being hit. Asshole!