“If you want to see a lot of people naked, see this film,” a producer friend said this afternon about Robert Benton‘s Feast of Love (MGM, 9.28). I’ve managed to miss this so far (42 West has only invited me to Manhattan screenings). But honestly? Nudity always raises interest levels. Any guy, straight or gay, who tells you it doesn’t is a liar.

Morgan Freeman, Gregg Kinnear

The actors who don’t take their clothes off in this relationship dramedy are Morgan Freeman, Jane Alexander, Fred Ward and, the producer said, Selma Balir. (She’s apparently wrong about Blair.) The actors who do get naked (full-frontally or partially) are Radha Mitchell (big-time), Greg Kinnear (partial), Toby Hemingway, Alexa Davalos, Billy Burke and (the producer wasn’t entirely certain about the next three, but she says there’s definitely nudity among lesbians) Shannon Lucio, Erika Marozsan and Stana Katic.

Feast of Tits….I like that title.