A vote for Jill Stein will be a vote for Orange Hitler. Really, it will be. The basic idea in this Joss Whedon spot is that Millenials have to man up on 11.8 — shake it off for 24 hours — because the only thing that matters is preventing Orange Hitler from winning. That’s it, there’s nothing else, not even their feelings of disappointment about their ideals or dreams being unfulfilled. Millenials can go right back to their default emotions on 11.9, but on 11.8 they need to man up, hold their noses and vote for Hillary. Because Joss and Team Avengers (i.e., Tony Stark, Hulk, Black Widow, War Machine, etc.) really want them to do that. And because War Machine is entirely correct when he calls Orange Hitler “a racist, abusive coward who would permanently damage the fabric of our society.” Please, whining Millennials, don’t do it…don’t give us Brexit, Part 2: Apocalypse.