Narnia will do about $14 million for the weekend. Fun with Dick and Jane isn’t a very good film, but it’s going to top $100 million after all — did $3.8 million last night and projecting $12.2 million for the weekend. King Kong did $3.4 million last night…expected to earn $11.5 for the weekend. (It’ll wind up with about $225 million.) Cheaper by the Dozen 2 did $2.2 million last night, $7.7 million for the weekend. In 1485 theatres, Munich did $2.2 million last night and is expecting a $7.6 million weekend haul…not so great. Memoirs of a Geisha did $1.8 million last night with an expected $7 million for the weekend. Rumor Has It is still dead…$1.8 million last night. The Family Stone still might each about $60 million, but it only did $1.5 million last night. The Ringer did the same. Poor Casanova isn’t going anywhere…it did $1.2 last night in 1000 theatres for 1100 per print. Match Point expanded to 304 theatres and did $790,000 last night — expected to earn about $2.8 million for the weekend. It’s going to do better than most Woody’s, but it’s still a Woody. Grandma’s Boy died…about $1,380,000 last night. And I’ve lost the figures on BloodRayne but I know they weren’t sensational.