All the implied downward-swirl indications about American Pie and Scary Movie 2 costar Natasha Lyonne are probably valid — the girl needs help. And there’s certainly no excuse or upside in exhibiting unruly behavior or missing four court hearings and all that. But there are very few readers of this item who haven’t momentarily lost it and used a colorfully vicious expression in the midst of a heated argument. Lyonne’s choice of words during an argument with a neighbor was to threaten sexual molestation of the neighbor’s dog. Audiences would laugh if that phrase was used by Samuel L. Jackson in a Quentin Tarantino movie, but because it’s part of a legal complaint and has been the lead in various tawdry news stories about Lyonne’s latest meltdown, “I’m going to schtup your dog” is in her Wikipedia biography from here to eternity.