It was reported yesterday that Twitter has gently disciplined the obviously unhinged Kanye West for some misbehavior on Wednesday night. The principal offense was West posting the phone number of a Forbes editor and urging followers to call him to protest music ownership issues regarding black artists. The penalty was a nickle-and-dime 12-hour Twitter ban, which isn’t even a wrist slap — more like a raised eyebrow.

Twitter didn’t explicitly convey problems with West posting a video of a Grammy award placed inside a toilet with an unseen party (presumably West) peeing on it, but I were Jack Dorsey I would have totally booted his scrambled-brain ass off Twitter for doing that, and I don’t mean for 12 hours.

West also posted a conspiracy theory about how the music industry had killed Prince and Michael Jackson. “We used to diss Michael Jackson the media made us call him crazy…then they killed him,” West tweeted the night before last. “Let’s get it big, bro…you and Michael passed so we can live,” he said in another tweet that featured a photo of Prince.

The man obviously needs help, but because he’s Kanye West he’ll just be indulged and high-fived and even applauded for the cray-cray. Sure.