You could make a Band of Brothers-like miniseries about all the young men who’ve ever suffered and died on a battlefield. Young soldiers fight for their countries, not ideologies or policies or political parties. Any war, any army is grist for this mill. You could even make a case for the genocidal Serbians if you did it right. (Although that would be tricky.) You know what I’d like to see one day? An HBO miniseries about four young Vietcong cadres fighting against the Americans in a seven-year saga, starting with the January ’68 Tet Offensive and ending with the last U.S. helicopter flying out of Saigon in April ’75. No American producer would have the cojones to do this, of course.

Music Box will do a limited theatrical release Generation War, the nearly 5-hour-long German miniseries about five young Germans fighting during World War II, in January. A VOD and DVD release will follow.

From the release: “Directed by Philipp Kadelbach, the critically-lauded three-parter has been labeled as Germany’s answer to HBO’s Band of Brothers, following the strenuous friendship of a group of close-knit friends as they patriotically join the [German army], only to later find their lives irrevocably damaged after years of bloodshed. Pic costars Volker Bruch, Tom Schilling, Katharina Schuttler, Ludwig Trepte and Miriam Stein.