Without being specific, I’m having trouble with a recently opened drama and I need some assistance from the HE community.

Let’s say we have an older musician (in his late 60s or early 70s) suddenly deciding to do away with all the banality and boredom in his life and devote himself more seriously to the playing of folk music. He knows he only has another decade or two left and wants to make the most of it, and the way to do that is to devote himself entirely to fiddle-playing and, during the quiet moments, hanging with other musicians.

Life is short and getting shorter by the day, he’s finally realized, and he ain’t wastin’ time no more.

But a pesky old friend doesn’t like the new devotion, and won’t stop trying to engage the musician in friendly small talk. The musician becomes more and more angry about the friend’s obstinacy, and finally, to make a point that cannot and absolutely will not be ignored or denied, the musician decides to mutilate himself in order to get through to the obstinate friend…”leave me the feck alone for the rest of my life.”

The irony, of course, is that this mutilation destroys the ability of the musician to play music.

Recap: Enough with the small talk because I intend to completely devote myself to fiddle-playing, and if you don’t stop trying to talk to me I’m going to fecking fix it so I can’t play the fiddle any more….that‘ll show ya!

Can someone please explain how this tale makes even a tiny lick of sense?