If you’re an X-Men mutant, you’re a combatant. Gender is not an issue, but your combat skills definitely are. Your special powers define your prowess in the combat arena. It follows that in any X-Men movie mutants are going to be assaulted, punched, kicked, strangled, body-slammed. As far as I’m aware it’s okay to portray said violence involving male mutants in ads for X-Men: Apocalypse. But it’s not okay to show female mutants (particularly Jennifer Lawrence‘s Mystique) involved in any kind of violent altercation, especially if they’re losing. Because this image would be perceived as “casual violence against women.” Yesterday Fox marketing apologized to The Hollywood Reporter for the content of a billboard showing Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse choking Lawrence’s Mystique: “In our enthusiasm to show the villainy of the character Apocalypse we didn’t immediately recognize the upsetting connotation of this image in print form. Once we realized how insensitive it was, we quickly took steps to remove those materials. We apologize for our actions and would never condone violence against women.”