DVD Beaver’s Gary Tooze is calling the Masters of Cinema 1080p Bluray of Double Indemnity “just brilliant! [It] far exceeded my expectations. The more prevalent and consistent grain [is] the biggest attribute [but] the contrast layering is superb and the Bluray exudes a powerful film-like presence. There is more information in the frame, notably at the bottom edge [plus it’s generally] brighter and more detailed. I was mesmerized by my viewing…fabulous!”

Dr. Svet Atanasov, writing for Bluray.com, says “this is undoubtedly the best presentation this stylish noir film has ever seen on any home video format. Detail and clarity are very good throughout. The daylight sequences look sharp and fresh, while the nighttime sequences boast pleasing depth. The blacks are lush and stable, never looking boosted, while the grays and whites are well balanced. I am most pleased with the fact that there are no traces of overzealous sharpening corrections.”