Hollywood rank-and-filers will usually forgive and work with a formerly unbalanced, possibly substance-abusing artist who’s cleaned up and is looking to fly right. But the case for forgiveness is harder to sell if the unbalanced artist makes tacky-looking Lifetime movies like Liz & Dick. And it’s damn near impossible to sell if the unbalanced artist allows the community to see her openly fret about her own employment and financial security situation. People really hate that. It reminds them too much of their own worry and desperation and their 24/7 efforts to suppress same.

Which is why Lindsay Lohan finally completed her years-long quest for definitive career suicide when she told E! last night that she’s endorsing Mitt Romney. “I just think employment is really important right now,” he told E!‘s John Boone. “So, as of now, Mitt Romney. As of now.” That’s it — that’s the stake in the heart. She’ll never get back in now. Because (a) she sounds like a scared loser and (b) she’s gone over to the Dark Side in search of comfort. Drugs, debauch and jail time are totally forgivable. But not drugs, debauch, jail time and Mitt Romney. That’s cyanide.

And speaking of Elizabeth Taylor, I cant shake an image I’ve had in my head since yesterday of she and Jack Kennedy and Robert “Eliot Ness” Stack having a threesome. Not to mention Taylor doing Ronald Reagan, which happened in her late teens or sometime in the late ’40s. The JFK-Stack thing happened in 1948.