New Line has changed the release date so many times on Tony Scott’s Domino that they’re ticking people off. Me, for example. The latest shift was decided about two weeks ago, and now Domino will open nationwide on October 14th. This requires an explanation from yours truly because in late June, right after Domino Harvey’s death, I spoke to a New Line rep who told me the film’s release was going back to the original August date of 8.19, and a few hours later I published a story about this decision. New Line had originally slotted Domino to open in mid-August, only to bump it forward to 11.23. The reason they decided to return to the mid-August release date, I was told, was because the other Keira Knightley film, Pride and Prejudice (Focus Features), was moving its opening date to November 11 from a previous opening date of September 23, and such a conflict would only hurt both films. Anyway, this is really nuts and I’m sorry for not realizing sooner than New Line had changed its mind for a fourth time. I guess they could still change it again if they want to.