A friend forwarded an 8.16 Quillette piece called “The Challenge of Marxism.” The author, Yoram Hazony, seems to be saying that the SJW Robespierres, Khmer Rouge cadres and wokesters on Twitter + Bernie Bros (i.e., Robert “Kid Notorious” Evans) + BLM street protestors and “1619 Project” transformatives are the New Marxists.

And in their zeal to kill fair-minded, mild-mannered liberalism they represent a certain threat that will not play down the road, etc. Or words to that effect.

Excerpt: “[New Marxists] disorient their opponents by referring to their beliefs with a shifting vocabulary of terms, including ‘the Left’, ‘Progressivism’, ‘social justice,’ ‘anti-racism’, ‘Anti-Fascism’, ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Critical Race Theory’, ‘Identity Politics’, ‘Political Correctness’, ‘Wokeness’ and more. When liberals try to use these terms they often find themselves deplored for not using them correctly, and this itself becomes a weapon in the hands of those who wish to humiliate and ultimately destroy them.

“The best way to escape this trap is to recognize the movement presently seeking to overthrow liberalism for what it is: an updated version of Marxism. I do not say this to disparage anyone. I say this because it is true. And because recognizing this truth will help us understand what we are facing.”

Pally viewpoint: “He’s talking about the cult mentality of you’re-with-us-or-against-us…and also the former impulses of liberalism (social justice, compassion for the disadvantaged, etc.) hardening into rigid doctrinaire principles. That’s exactly what happened in academia, and it’s now spreading like a virus into the mainstream media.

“I think the essay is spot-on. Marxism is just what this is — not the strict economic definition of Marxism (i.e., class war) but the spiritual model of it. Everything ‘purified’, heretics tossed out, etc. The idea of ‘justice’ pushed to greater and greater extremes. And any view that holds out the idea of compromise must be vilified.

“Marxism, in a word, is leftist absolutism. It’s what happened in Cuba after Fidel Castro came to power; it’s the insanity wrought by Mao [during the Great Cultural Revolution]. And it’s certainly not what Joe Biden stands for.”