The idea for the new HE podcast is to call it “The Misfits“**, and to video record it on Zoom….three or four heads at a time. I’ve never organized a Zoom project so I’ll need to learn the ropes fast, including the basics of uploading the Zoomcast to Substack and getting the sound right.

HE friendo Edward Champion, who knows the tech stuff top to bottom, has graciously offered a certain amount of guidance.

As the honcho I’ll participate each and every time, of course. You can never be sure who has real character and cojones and who doesn’t when the heat is on, but a couple of folks will turn out to be regulars, I’m sure, and some others will become every-other-weekers or once-monthly alternates.

The table settings are far from final but anyone who wants to step up to the plate and pick up a baseball bat and face those the pressure and the fastballs…the door is open.

Good amigo Sasha Stone is stepping back but has always been and always will be an excellent human being. Glenn Kenny is talking about chatting this weekend…here’s hoping. The feisty and fearless Tatiana Antropova is willing to give it a shot. HE regular “Eddie Ginley” and I will be speaking soon. Manhattan funny guy podcaster Bill McCuddy is down with the idea. “Zoey Rose” has said she’d like to jump in from time to time.

Two behind-the-camera friendos have backed out…okay. Jeff Sneider initially said in a thread that he wanted to co-host, and then he vaporized. Kristi Coulter indicated in the same thread that she might want to take part in a discussion or two, and then…

It’ll take two or three weeks to iron out the kinks, but the initial plan is to try and make the first bumpy Zoomer happen this weekend — probably on Sunday. It’ll happen for dead sure the following weekend.

** Or maybe “Oscar Poker 2: The Misfits.”