No way in hell will the New York Film Critics Circle give Green Book their Best Picture prize. No way. The membership includes too many arch-backed p.c. zealots who believe that a gentle humanistic buddy film that could have been made in 1987…there are too many who feel such a film should be mule-kicked to death.

I’m presuming that Roma will take the top prize, along with Alfonso Cuaron for Best Director. And if not that, possibly The Favourite. They can’t go for A Star Is Born….not the NYFCC. It’s the kind of warm-emotional-bath film that popcorn-eaters like and therefore not a fit. And no Best Actress trophy for Lady Gaga either! I’m thinking it’ll be Olivia Colman or Mellissa McCarthy.

Maybe Bradley Cooper for Best Actor, although it should go to Christian Bale. HE’s personal favorite is Ethan Hawke, of course. I’m saying this under the presumption that the NYFCC won’t touch Viggo Mortensen with a ten-foot pole.

Richard E. Grant (the “cat-killer” from Can You Ever Forgive Me?) for Best Supporting Actor!

I’m also betting on Cold War taking the Best Foreign Language Feature prize, and RBG for the Best Documentary award.

Critic friend #1: “I think this is a Roma group, and that the other film that will figure in the most is First Reformed.” Critic friend #2: “I wouldn’t be surprised if The Favourite does something. Otherwise there’s no way to tell, particularly with the influx of younger members” — i.e., the New NYFCC Kidz. Critic friend #3: “It’s a very unpredictable year.”

Thoughts or notions about any of the NYFCC categories?