New York journalist Lewis Beale acknowledges there’s “no buzz” on Sidney Lumet‘s Find Me Guilty (Freestyle/Yari Film Group, 3.17), but says “it’s quite good and contains a really fine performance by no less than Vin Diesel. It’s the true story of the longest criminal trial in U.S. history, involving members of the Lucchese gang, and Diesel plays a low-level mobster who decides to defend himself. Given that 90% of the movie takes place inside a courtroom it’s still quite watchable (Lumet is an old hand at procedurals in this vein — Prince of the City, Twelve Angry Men). And it has one of those great casts of (mostly) New York character actors, including Ron Silver, Peter Dinklage, Alex Rocco (really great), Richard Portnow, and other faces you’ve seen hundreds of times. Linus Roache is also terrific as a driven prosecutor. Won’t do a dime’s worth of biz, but should get good reviews and definitely builds Diesel’s acting cred.”