Newsweek is doing a double-track, opening-round trashing of The DaVinci Code. That is, reporting that people around town (i.e., Newsweek‘s sources) are trashing Tom Hanks‘ longish, vaguely unwashed-looking hair in the film, and then going, “Tsk-tsk…those sources sure are shallow, but it’s fun to report on what they’re saying!” And here I am doing the same thing, dinging Newsweek a bit but at the same time spreading the bad word about Hanks’ hair. And I don’t even see anything wrong with it. A little long in the back, a little unkempt…so what? The guy’ has to wear the same You’ve Got Mail haircut in film after film? And yet I agree that Hollywood’s “favorite parlor game” is “trying to put a dent in a rival movie’s prospects by quietly trashing it.” And I love this quote from a studio executive in the Newsweek piece: “People are really trying to sabotage each other. It’s not a sport anymore…it’s a science.”