“Over the last few years America has been knocked down,” Clint Eastwood‘s new Romney ad begins. He doesn’t mention that the financial meltdown of 2008 was largely brought to us by a rightist corporate takeover of this country, facilitated by the Wall Street deregulation under Bush (and yes, by Clinton also). The fair-deal, free-enterprise America that Clint grew up in has become a South American-style patriarchal society in which a tiny elite live like pampered sultans while everyone else scrimps — a social scheme authored by Republican scum.

Clint’s solution? American needs to go more corporate, more white bread, more Republican.

It goes without saying that Clint’s ad ignores the fact that the economy is in a strong recovery mode right now. That would spoil the narrative.

Elite-favoring, phony-Christian Republican values are rat poison in the bloodstream of the body politic.