Except for the cartoonish, over-the-top CG, I don’t have a problem with this Hancock tailer. So I don’t get the disdain and skepticism voiced yesterday by the New York “Vulture” guys. As long as the story is tight and the other basics (acting, dialogue, character, attitude) are nicely finessed, there’s a place (even in my sometimes sour universe) for good, empty, rambunctious fun by way of Will Smith, Charlize Theron and director Peter Berg.

Hancock (Sony) opens on 7.2.08 — a nice long holiday weekend, and a good empty fit. It could, as EW has predicted, become the summer’s third highest-grossing film, and perhaps even the second-highest, as I’m wondering for some reason about the legs of Prince Caspian. The only problem I’m sensing…. naah, leave it alone. Okay, I’ll mention it — the TV credits of the two screenwriters, Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan, are less than encouraging.