I chose the Arlo Soho (231 Hudson Street) because of (a) the modest price and (b) the novel design/theme, which is basically a micro-sized experience for hipsters who can roll with it. The rooms come in different sizes, but they’re all small. And yet they feel first-classy. Some guy on YouTube called his room, which is roughly the size of mine, an “elegant prison cell” — super-comfy king bed, nice big window overlooking courtyard, 42″ or 46″ LG flatscreen, super-fast wifi, suitcase storage under the bed. And the downstairs lounge area — bar, breakfast room, a knick-knack nibble-food store — is really comfy in a hip communal sense. The knick-knack prices are ridiculous, of course, but you just need to walk to a grocery store/deli two blocks north (SW corner of Hudson and Spring).