Three days ago I mentioned that Jack Nicholson hasn’t made a film since The Bucket List — two years ago — and wondered what’s up. The next day I was told about a discussion he’ll be taking part in today at Brown University’s Salomon Center, in a panel arranged by the Ivy Film Festival. It starts at 3 pm. I was going to cover it, which would have involved Amtrak-ing all the way up to Providence and back within a 10-hour period. But I didn’t want to blow all that time and money.

But if anyone records this event today (or intends to take notes and report), please forward and I’ll post something tonight or whenever. Why is the usually reclusive Nicholson doing a q & a at Brown? He has a daughter, Lorraine, who’s in her junior or senior year there. Here are photos of the two of them touring Brown a couple of years ago.